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Oilfield Motor & Control, Inc. (OMC) is a provider of standard and custom manufactured products for specific customer needs and applications.
  • CCTV Systems
  • Distribution Panels, Control Stations, Motor Control Centers, J. Boxes, etc.
  • OMC Encoder Kit
  • OMC is proud to introduced a unique approach to solving drilling motor encoder problems by offering the time proven Dynapar, ATEX Certified encoder as part of a complete new OMC Encoder Kit for drilling motors. The OMC Encoder Kit allows for total interchangeability between the time proven GE GEB22 and GE752 drilling motors. Each Kit comes complete with a new bearing cap, bearing retainer nut or clamp and the new “Patented” alignment gage and all the necessary parts for a total field installation or upgrade. The simple, “Patented” gage assures every installation to have precise encoder shaft centering, thus extended encoder life under the most hostile environments and demanding conditions.

    In addition to the rugged Encoder construction and the unique, sealed bearing cap mounting design, a low overall encoder footprint is achieved which may assist in close motor mounting tolerance requirements on some rig applications.

    For additional information, please contact OMC at sales@oilfieldmotor.com or call toll free at 1-800-955-5591 or 713-690-3600.